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Welcome to Hass Pages!

On October 27, 2009, Geocities was shut down permanently. When Geocities left the web, a large amount of web content disappeared with it, including a number of web projects by Brian Hass. Rootsweb began the process of retiring parts of itself, including its Freepages webhosting service for genealogy websites. In early 2024, Freepages continued to display the web projects that it was hosting but had disabled the webhost's login feature. It was clear that the genealogy web projects of Brian Hass could no longer be updated on Freepages and would eventually need a new webhost. This Neocities website was originally created on January 24, 2016 to provide a location for all of Brian Hass' web projects (both new and old).

This page provides (or will provide) links to the web projects by Brian Hass. These include (or will include):




Any web project title without a link is still being prepared offline before being uploaded to Hasspages. This website is still under construction. Please visit this website in the future.

under construction

Click here to see the original "Hello World" page which Neocities automatically generated when this website was created.

A special thanks to Neocities for providing the free web space for this website. Another thanks to FlamingText for generating the logo for this webpage and a thanks to Animation Central for providing the animated "under construction" graphic that was (and will be) used for parts of this website which are still under construction.

Also, a thanks to the archive.org Wayback Machine for archiving old copies of the contents of the Geocities websites of Brian Hass.

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